Library cards


We would like to remind all of our library patrons to bring their library cards to the library. When we check out books, movies, and computers for you, we need your cards to verify patrons' identity. While we can look your name up, this process takes extra time and with 200 libraries in our system, it is too easy to make a mistake. With budget cuts affecting our staffing, we must become more efficient at processing our library records.

If you are picking books and movies up for family members, you will also need the library card of each and every person who has ordered material.

Children must have their cards to prove parental permission to use the library.

Teachers, if you are using your teacher card for classroom materials, you must have your teacher card with you.

While we will take telephone orders from our shut-ins, we are restricting phone call requests to 3 items only. If a library patron cannot come to the library and does not have access to the internet, we ask them to submit a written copy of their requests so library staff members can slowly work on their lists during the day when there are no immediate demands at the circulation desk.