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Explora Primary Schools

A trustworthy environment for students and educators in grades K through 5 to look up facts for class projects or homework.

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Explora Secondary Schools

Designed for students and educators in grades 6 through 12 for students to look up articles and facts for research papers or homework.

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Kids Infobits

Kids InfoBits is an easy-to-use digital resource featuring age-appropriate, reliable, curriculum-related content covering a broad range of educational topics. The modern design and simple navigation make it easy for users to explore content and gain comfort with database searching.

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Mailbox Database Logo

The Mailbox

All content in The Mailbox®  is carefully planned and edited by former teachers and helps educators and parents build important grade-level skills.

 Topics Include:

Arts and Crafts, Classroom Management, Cross - Curricular, Fine/Gross Motor Skills, Language Arts & Literacy, Literature, Math, Phonics, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Writing


Unlimited, simultaneous, ad-free access to 52,000+ worksheets, crafts, forms, songs, games, graphic organizers, patterns, clip art, cards, ideas, and more.  Easy-to-use browser-based interface.  Correlated content that is easy to search by grades, subjects, and types.  Make your own flash cards & other customizable resources.  Easily print whole packets of collated activities and worksheets, access Tons of seasonal and thematic ideas, crafts, and more!


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WorldBook Early Screenshot

World Book Early World of Learning

Three interactive learning environments for preschoolers and children in early grades.

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World Book Kids Screenshot

World Book Kids

Thousands of colorful illustrations, diagrams, and maps enrich thousands of articles, with teacher guides.

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World Book Student Screenshot

World Book Students

Contains an extensive multimedia collection, including editor-selected websites, and correlations to state standards.

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