Mary Lincoln's Photograph Album presented by Laura Keyes of Historic Voices

  Dates & times
  • Sat, 04/06/2024 - 10:00am
  Age Groups Adults
  Location Main Library


Join  us as Laura Keyes presents: Mary Lincoln's Photograph Album: Mary Todd Lincoln lived a life filled with triumphs and tragedies but few people know her story. One piece to the myriad puzzle of her life is her personal photograph album, which was compiled over many years. This precious artifact tells not only Mary Lincoln's story, but the Lincoln Family story as well. Come to hear scholar Laura Keyes share the history of this personal item, Mary Lincoln's photograph album, and see for yourself what photographs Mrs. Lincoln kept (and ones she didn't). 

Laura Keyes graduated from UW-Madison wit a Master's Degree in Library Studies, and a lifetime member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters. Laura is currently the Director of the Dunlap Public Library District in central Illinois. In 2017, Miss Keyes won the Mary Todd Lincoln oratory contest at the Lincoln Days Celebration in Hodgenville, Kentucky.

Mary Lincoln's Photo album